Therapy FAQs

Reach answers to parent FAQs relating to therapy for children and teens. 

If you have questions, please reach out to us!  We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

Positive Leaps therapist meeting with a teenager at the Positive Leaps Eastgate office

There are many questions loving parents have about our expert therapy for children and teenagers. We invite you to call us to schedule a tour and get detailed answers to your questions. 

What about children/teens missing school or parents missing work?

There are some after-school appointments available; however, these are in high demand, and we cannot guarantee that all of your appointments will be outside of school or work hours. School notes are available, as these are considered excused absences. Work notes are also available upon request. Consider appointments at the beginning or end of the school day or during non-essential classes. Also, remember that this is short-term treatment; we want you to feel better faster so that you do not need to come in for therapy anymore.

How is my child's treatment paid for?

Your child’s services are billed to your child’s health insurance company. Positive Leaps is included in most private health insurance plans. Positive Leaps also accepts Medicaid, or Medicaid H.M.O.s, such as CareSource, Molina, Buckeye, WellCare, United Health Care Medicaid Program, etc.  Click here to find our full list of accepted insurances.  Positive Leaps determines benefits and payment with you and your insurance company.

Do you have more questions?

We will gladly answer all of your questions. Schedule a tour of our facility and get your questions answered.

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