Specialized Day Treatment Program

Our Day Treatment Center mimics the look and feel of daycare or early learning center. The program teaches 3 to 8 year olds emotion regulation, social skills, and improves their communication skills.

Specialized Day Treatment

Our Day Treatment program is designed for children aged 3-8 who have demonstrated aggressive behavior such as biting, kicking, or temper tantrums. It also helps young children who have been suspended from daycare or school. 

Our specialized Day Treatment Program teaches emotion regulation, and social and communication skills.

Our services are affordable because we accept most major insurance and Medicaid.

Child behavioral specialist helping toddler with behavior issues at daycare for behavior problems in West Chester Ohio

Regular Day Treatment Program

If your child is admitted in our Regular Day Treatment Program, they would attend our program Monday through Friday (8 hours per day) until she/he has achieved all the goals that you and your child’s therapist have identified.

The average length of the program is 66-85 treatment days, although every child is different.

This program is considered a PHP level of care

Well behaved children attending daycare for behavior problems in West Chester Ohio

Part-Time Program

Based on your child’s needs, he or she may be placed in our Part-Time Day Treatment program.  Your child would attend our Day Treatment facility in West Chester, OH 2-4 times per week, depending on their needs.

This program is considered an IOP level of care.

Mom with toddler with behavior issues attending daycare for behavior issues in Cincinnati Ohio

Comprehensive Care

Our high staff-to-children ratio enables us to monitor and provide personal care for your child. Our expert staff will guide your child and help them learn emotional and social skills to get them back on track and restore peace to the home. 

The Day Treatment program includes:

  • Weekly family therapy, with parent coaching
  • Collaboration with your child’s “home” preschool or school teachers
  • Monthly updates to your child’s physician
mother and son showing love and positive feelings together after completing daycare for toddlers with behavior issues in West Chester Ohio

Rediscover the Joy of Parenting

In a few short months, your child could:

  • Be back on track with positive behavior
  • Eliminate negative behavior
  • Be ready to return to their regular daycare or school.

What To Expect

A licensed therapist will comprehensively assess your child to understand their needs and determine the best treatment program.

Read our Parent FAQs, or schedule a tour today.

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