Exceptional Child Mental Health Services

Our  comprehensive child mental health services provide all the necessary care and support for your child from 3 through 18 years.

Let us start your child on a new journey of success!

Highest Quality Child Mental Health Services

Positive Leaps can help your child develop the skills to reach their mental health and behavior goals.  We provide exceptional mental health support for children throughout Cincinnati. 

Our comprehensive mental health services for children include a Regular 5-day-a-week Day Treatment program, Part-Time (2-4 times a week) Day Treatment, and One-on-One Therapy for children and teens.  

Our professional child specialists, high staff-to-child ratio, and child therapy expertise will improve your child’s mental well-being.

Our child behavioral health services are affordable, and we accept most major insurance and Medicaid.

Happy child with expert child behavioral specialist counselor in specialized day treatment program and child mental health services

Specialized Day Treatment Program

We offer Regular (5-day a week) and Part-Time (2-4 time a week) Day Treatment programs.  Our services include:

  • Licensed mental health professionals trained in child behavioral interventions
  • High staff-to-child ratio
  • Daily updates about your child’s progress
Child in one on one child and teen therapy with a child mental health specialist play therapy in individual counseling in Eastgate Cincinnati Ohio

Private Child and Teen Therapy

We offer on-going counseling services to children of all ages (from 3 through 18 years old), to help them continue to develop and grow their mental and behavioral skills as they age. 

These sessions are offered in a one-on-one setting, as well as with family, parents, or guardians.

We apply research-based approaches to help children manage their emotions, and improve their communication and social interactions.

Mom with toddler with behavior issues attending daycare for behavior issues in Cincinnati Ohio

Family Therapy

Our family therapy includes the parents or guardians, alongside their child or teenager.  These sessions provide the guardians and parents with skills to help improve the child’s development, improve communication, and reinforce trust and respect.

Our family counseling enables the entire family to support the child’s journey to mental health and success.  

Our Child Behavioral Services

Our comprehensive child mental health services helps children of all ages

Our two different types of care, Specialized Day Treatment, and Individual Child Therapy, are designed to help your child throughout their developmental years.  With our mental health services for kids, your child can develop emotional maturity and strong communication skills.  Our licensed child therapist will help determine the level of care is best suited for your child. 

Specialized Day Treatment

Our Day Treatment program is an all-day, 5-day-a-week program for children aged 3-8 years old. Our facility mimics the look and feel of an Early Childhood Learning Center. This program is offered at our West Chester location.

Child & Teen Therapy

Our Child Counseling program is for children and teenagers aged 3-18 years of age. We provide child therapy services at both Eastgate and West Chester locations.  We also offer online telehealth counseling, via our secure and easy to use conferencing platform.


If your child has problems with separation anxiety or temper tantrums or has been kicked out of a daycare, this place can help you! I went from worrying every day about daycare calling and saying something bad about my grandson to hearing weekly how well he was doing! 

Andrea P.

With the help of Positive Leaps, my son is transitioning successfully back into first grade. I would recommend this program to all parents who are struggling with difficult behavioral issues with their children.

Lynn C.

Our child is proud to have mastered new social and coping skills. He made friends with other children and close connections with staff members. We learned new parenting skills and had time to adjust medication and expectations in an accepting environment. We followed the program as strictly at home as they did at school, which is key to being successful. Today he is happy, can cope with frustration, can accept direction, and is fun to be around.

Whitney F.

What To Expect

One of our child specialists will comprehensively assess your child to understand their needs.  They will identify the best child mental health services appropriate for your child or teen.

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